Rescue Journal

let the sun shine in....

Carol  ·  Jun. 29, 2007

boo is home from the vets. she is a bit choked over the whole shaved lion look but oh well. i had them look at her mouth while she was in and it was starting to get sore again so they gave her another depo injection which is good that she got it before she was too bad. the last one didn't even last 3 full months, hmmm.

frodo is missing. he was around at noon and then with all the comings and goings of machines and monsoons, we have lost him. i am hoping he is just holed up somewhere snug and dry, oblivious to the fact that he is freaking me out!

dexter had a large grand-mal seizure about an hour ago. this is not good. he is sleeping in my room right now.

ben has arrived and has the whole center dog room to himself. i put tyra in with him for awhile cuz he was lonely and she had beaten the crap out of him 8 years ago so he was very polite with her and glad of her company. tyra told me quite clearly that she is tired of being the babysitter/social director for ill mannered puppies and cranky old farts so i let her back with me after ben went to sleep. CAUTION to all volunteers, watch the doors going in and out, he is not to be anywhere near the cats or other dogs except tyra for now. when ben arrived, his mom had harley with them in the car (4 yr old labx that i never met) he had been returned 24 hours after his craiglist adoption and was possibly heading off to the SPCA. i wouldn't look at him cuz there is no more room here so i waited by the gate for ben and stayed away from the car. i have enough guilt in my life, don't need to imagine a sad dog left behind in a cage. ben is sad enough and he has couches and a TV.

the guys are still working outside to repair the fields and gravel paths. the posts are cemented in for the shelter that is being built tomorrow and i felt so bad for all of them with this crappy weather.

please god, let the sun shine tomorrow.



We'll do a sundance for you and the Duke's crew. Working in the pouring rain is no fun!

I hope Frodo didn't sneak into someone's vehicle again - I've never forgotten the time he accidently came home with me!!

I hope Dexter will be okay. He's such a loveable lumpy lab. Please give him scritches from me.


i found frodo under bush just outside the riding ring. he was sopping wet and feezing cold. he has been towel dried, fed some fancy feast and is bedded down in a warm fleece in his favorite basket in his personal cat/dog free bunny room....whew, one less thing to freak out about.

Chris T

There is supposed to be rain in the morning but sun in the afternoon. Good luck tomorrow Carol.