Rescue Journal

it's a baileys night!

Carol  ·  Jul. 1, 2007

tonight ben, tyra, maude and dexter went out for the second evening went well, which really means nothing at all since ben is still not sure of his place. the problems will start once he decides where his spot is in this giant zoo. anyway, i will continue to slowly introduce him to everyone and see how far we get.

mo and i finished seeding the lower field. hopefully soon everyone will get sick of my watching the grass grow posts..first it has to grow!

good day today...i just started my personal laundry (which is always a very good thing) and i had a chance to actually go to the grocery store so i can eat once in awhile this week. the barn guys are all happy cuz they got bananas tonight, they love it when i go shopping.

those blood sucking, fighter plane sized mosquitos are after me tonight and i have already lathered myself with OFF,,,i hate those little buggers!

i feel like a baileys and hot chocolate tonight and thankfully i remembered to buy more hot chocolate today!