Rescue Journal

finding the positive out of the negative

Carol  ·  Jul. 2, 2007

my daughter is probably pissed at me right now...things have not been going smoothly in china...i suggested that maybe she might learn something even more important than school stuff from all of it...she told me i am "wise" but she is half my age and is pissed and has every right to be pissed considering her age (that was her polite "F off" ma)....she is probably right.

soooo, taking my own advice (which while maybe not wise, does make sense to a middle aged mom) the past week is maybe not the complete disaster i thought it was around here. i learned alot that i didn't know. i learned some stuff about heavy equipment and mud and how the two mix a bit too well. i learned that i don't always communicate very clearly. i learned that i can usually find solutions to fix a problem (at whatever cost) but maybe am not so good at avoiding them in the first place. i learned how utterly protective i am of every blade of our precious grass because i know we don't have enough for all of our has taught me pasture management concerns really well! and i know now one of the reasons i have a psychotic aversion to mud...with this many animals...if you have mud outside, then you have mud inside. and that means even more work.

and now i know that once this is all a thing of the past, that heavy equipment will never again be allowed inside our gates, unless they can stick to the gravel roads. and that there are far reaching solutions to bad decision problems and while you can wreck your property overnight, fixing it and the troubles to follow may take an entire year (we will lose the newly re-done upper pasture by the end of the season because we no longer can rotate the big guys between the two fields)

and once again i learned that rescue is not just about rescuing animals and having a story book is about blood, sweat, tears, bad decisions, consequences and sometimes mud.

i bet by the time i kick off from this life, i might actually achieve a bit of wisdom to take with me...too bad despite what my daughter says, i don't have more of it now when it might actually be helpful.

ahhh, life's learning curve...that is the real adventure.