Rescue Journal

carol takes a day off...maybe two

Carol  ·  Jul. 3, 2007

i think my last saints day off entailed flying into kelowna for part of a day to attend my father's funeral and my enforced time away from here while i was awaiting surgery for my broken ankle. neither were much fun altho the drugs were pretty good with the broken bones. don't anyone get too excited about my day off tho cuz i still have to do the dump run (greg said he would do it but he is busy today and the bin is literally overflowing and bugging me so that stuff has gotta go this morning on my way out of dodge, i don't want to come home to garbage ripped up everywhere. it is literally a disaster waiting to happen) and i have some saints things to take care of off paying some saints bills, plus the late afternoon things here like, meds, field runs and barn routine. but still i will have quite a few hours off...not sure what i will do with myself.

my ideal day off would be a day spent here without a single thing to do, free from ringing phones, emails or any human contact. well that ain't gonna happen cuz if you want a day with nothing to do, someone else has gotta do it,... no point in taking a day off here.

so i will wander aimlessly around the real world, or at least my tiny, small version of the real world (which includes all of mission and maple ridge) til i get bored and want to come home...that shouldn't take too long! maybe when i get home i will actually put my clean laundry away...that is a novel idea. i get thursday afternoon off too but i have to go to the cast clinic at the hospital for my last set of xrays and that always entails HOURS of sitting around and waiting your turn. you have to see the doc, get your req. wait at xray, go back to the doc, wait while she looks at them and then tells you what you already know...the bones are finally healed. nice meeting you, thank you for fixing me, great job! sigh, i would rather shovel poop here, it is less boring but WCB wants that final okey dokey smokey, no permanent disability looming ahead in the future.

i am thinking of stretching my horizons and driving out to harrison hotsprings for the day, i haven't been out that way in almost a decade. gee that sounds horrible, you know you are aging rapidly when you start measuring time in terms of decades!

ok, i better get moving here or it will be noon before i escape, that would be stupid!