Rescue Journal

the great escape

Carol  ·  Jul. 3, 2007

laying on the beach at harrison hotsprings is boring.

i bought my daughter a welcome home gift, i bought my other daughter that stupid wind up fisher price record player she has been looking for that i gave away 20 years ago, i bought a friend a thank you gift, and i bought myself a small wooden sign in the thrift shop for the front door that says.... "house at pooh corner" it appealed to my sense of humour and honesty.

baskin and robbins ice cream tastes the same as the stuff i buy at safeway.

the world looks alot more interesting when you are in a hurry and driving by,,,stop and get out to look around and whatever.

i missed the hairy beasts.

there was alot of laundry waiting here for me when i got home.

days off aren't all that great, but i love my $3 sign.