Rescue Journal

sundays picnic menu

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2007

vegetarian lasagna

caesar salad

cobbs twisted cheese bread

m&m's triple layer strawberry cake thing

corona beer

it is all in the fridge, waiting for sunday........mmmm!



it is a long way for you to come johanna so pick a few saturdays that will work for you and one of them should coincide with a day off for me too.


Sounds wonderful !

Wish I could join you !! Enjoy!

And talking about parties, Carol...we still have to set a date for the party to celebrate Pippa's life and to hang her windchime.

When would be a good time? I'd love for the people at Saints who knew and loved Pippa to be able to have the opportunity to say good-bye.

Have a good party to-morrow.



he is still losing wieght, growing more tumours, occasionally falling over and still rolling in the fields after a swim. last week he decided he was a cattle dog and spent 3 days happily chasing percy, the calf. thank gawd he has moved on to better amusements lately. dex is an inspiration to all of us that while having terminal cancer sucks, every day life itself does not have to suck too. he is a great, great dog.


I never check my e-mail anymore so thought I would wright on here. How is Dexter doing? I hope he is ok, he is a tuff old guy! I have been thinking about him alot latley, and hope he is doing ok.


Yummy!!! I wish I could be there; I will be working so please have a beer for me. :(