Rescue Journal

who would have thought...

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2007

that i, carol hine, who loves animals more than anything and will go to the wall for all of our guys to give them every possible second of a happy life...would now be counselling families to euthanize their extreme senior family pets. but i am. i told it to one fellow with his very old horse, to a couple of others with their very old dogs, and again today with a 16 year old cat.

i have said before that death is not the monstrous thing, life is. and being abandoned at 16 or 17 or 30 years of age after living most of that entire life in the same beloved home, is unkind and hurtful. better they come here if we have the room then to finish their lives at the slaughter houses, or the shelter back rooms, or die alone and afraid in a hidey hole in a shelter that has more than 100 cats for them to be afraid of. but there is no more room here lest we become a place in which they will die afraid too.

euthanizing a healthy family pet at 16 or 17 yrs of age because of whatever human problem sucks...but, sometimes the alternative sucks even more for them. i think leaving them at the pound or the spca where they will spend months if they are lucky, or mere hours if they are not, sucks more. 2/3rds of our extreme seniors never find homes and die in our care, i don't think the the odds are much better anywhere else.i hate this life sometimes. take care little cat.

the good news today is.....the grass is growing. it sprouted overnight. does anyone know when we might see some rain again cuz we need some now to help it grow strong?


Chris T

I am so happy the grass is growing. Sadly there is no rain in the forecast that I can see. You will need to water it - it will probably be worth it.

We have water in big bottles if you need it over the summer. We prepared for the flood just like you said. We have so much water!!!