Rescue Journal

back from the vet

Carol  ·  Jul. 7, 2007

there is not much to be done for sweetpea's hair loss and humping is from overactive hormones as a result of a probable ovarian cyst or tumour (given her mammary tumours, it is probably malignant) the only treatment option is a full hysterectomy which i am not keen on doing to a frail, extreme senior dog with probable cancer. ah well, she looks and acts a bit odd but what the heck, at least she is happy and feels good. sorry tom, you will have to deal with being hot stuff (at least to sweetpea).

frodo has an abcessed tooth and gum inflamation...10 days of Abx and then dental surgery. he was very sweet and loving during the exam but once they got to the blood work, all hell broke out and frodo went to sleep so they could get it done. he is slightly choked.

mo gave me heck today...not because i was giving a minor calf a bit of beer which is probably illegal til they reach the comparative legal drinking age of 19. but because it is encouraging him to bug us if we happen to have something good to drink that he would like to try. she may have a point. but in my own defence, my parents used to let me sample a bit of beer and wine while i was growing up so drinking never had much of a fascination for me and now i could care less. so if having a sample now and then turned me into an occasional responsible drinker as an adult, i am sure it will do the same for percy. i think it is important to raise one's baby cow by letting them test out life with safe guidence while satisfying a natural youthful inquistiveness. that is my story and i am sticking to it for now. (plus he was sooo freaking cute when he grabbed that bottle and slugged down the dregs of my warm left over beer)

everyone was very happy to see me when i got home...i love these guys.