Rescue Journal

"have a little bit of faith in me......"

Carol  ·  Jul. 7, 2007

i like that song. i have been humming it in my head most of today.

i am humming it for remy and for me too. remy is afraid. not of being here, but of being without me. every time i leave the room, or the house, or the property, he cries and howls. every time i move a muscle, even when watching tv on the couch, he tenses, ready to spring into action. if i cross the room, he follows. if i move 2 feet from the couch to the tv to turn the channel(someone goofed with the remote and i can't figure out how to get it to work again, it is not broken, it is just my knowledge base of technology that is somewhat lacking), he struggles to his feet to come with me. it is quite sad really. such a lovely, sweet dog, who has lost too much, too many times and his solution to not lose again, is to be with me, every second of every hour, of every day.

i tell him to have faith. he is here now and he won't ever lose again. even if we find him a home, he won't lose, it will be everything that he will ever need.

and i am singing that song in my head for me too. ahh, the grass is growing. it shouldn't be growing, it is too hot and too late in the season. maybe whoever, where ever, that watches over saints and me, knew that the grass growing was so very important to me. maybe helping the grass to grow was one of those little miracles that can be granted without messing up the whole tapestry of things. maybe it was an innocent thing to give and so it was given.

so, tonight, i am having a little faith about simple things. and remy and i will both try to have a little bit of faith in each other, that he was meant to be here at this time when his green grass dreams need to safely grow. i love you remy, but good lord, babe, your feet and legs sure get dirty while we are waiting for our green grass to grow strong in the field of our dreams.



That was beautifully written Carol, it touched me. Sidenote: apparently one of my cat has fleas, and one just bit me! ewww! lol.


that would be great marie...if he wouldn't mind mowing the lawns that would be really helpful...the mower is in the garage. i will be working so i won't see you guys but eva will be here.

Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole
Looking forward to meeting Remy. Marie, Don and I will be out on Wednesday. Anything you need Don to do, help Greg....?