Rescue Journal

back to work today

Carol  ·  Jul. 9, 2007

my vacation is over....i did not get done the stuff i wanted to do. time flies too fast when you are having fun. actually i am not really working today, i am at an all day course at langley memorial. i hope i get my brain back in gear before i get there.

tom has been vomitting a few times in the past 24 hours, i am not happy about this at all, i think it is his cancer progressing. nudge has been vomitting occasionally too. i will have to get them both into the vet sometime this week. nudge for an enema, and tom for a proper anti-nausea dose, he is so little, i haven't a clue.

we will see how remy makes out without me today. julie will be here this morning and lynn, elaine and louisa will be popping in this afternoon to check on them. i should be home by six, and i better get moving now cuz i will sure as heck get lost on the way to my course.

my daughter arrives home from china today...i won't be able to see her til tomorrow cuz there will be too much to do when i get home tonight...the family is having a dinner tonight for her, i bet i am in trouble for not being there too. it is a good thing i am prepared with what i think is a nice welcome home gift for when i see her on tuesday! i missed her and am glad she will soon be home.

be good everyone, i am sorry our vacation is over so soon.