Rescue Journal

this was one of the nicest evenings i have had in a long time.

Carol  ·  Jul. 12, 2007

instead of rushing madly around, i decided to work backwards, i got home from work and had some dinner (thank you lynn, mmmm!) then i drove to lynn's to change her dressing. it was a nice quiet relaxing way to start the night...i like wound care. when i got home i took ben and a couple of the tough crowd and they helped me to clean the barn. when we were done, i put ben in the dog room alone and grabbed everyone else. they came down and played and swam, and napped in the evening breeze while i watered the field. phoebe was being very good, and as a reward, tyra played with her for a long time. she was so very happy! tyra was in an especially good mood because i bought her two talking toys today..she doesn't gut them if they speak.

when the field was wet enough, we took one final walk around to inspect the grass growing progress and then i put all the dogs away. the barn guys were a bit ticked that it was 9:30 before they got their dinner and tucked into bed but oh well, better late then never.

ben is tucked into the entrance, phebes is tucked behind my back in the computer chair and OMG!!! i just looked over at tyra on the couch and she has ripped the face off her brand new talking frog! shit.

anyway, the only bad/sad thing i can think of from today is poor, poor swinger is absolutely covered in mosquito bites, he must have hundreds of little bumps on him tonight.

mo? cathy j? am i supposed to put something on them so the mosquitos don't bite them??



what i use is a spray bottle of Witch hazel (1 litre or so size) bought from most feed stores and then a bottle of citronella oil (aromathreapy or drugstores carry it) mix it all together in the witchazel bottle then spray liberally over Swingers body. The witch hazel also soothes the itchy bumps. I use it on my ultra sensitive anglo mare who breaks out in hives when the skeeters bite her. Cost me under 20 bucks and lasts a long long time.


Skin so soft works great, dilute ten water to one part oil and apply with a mister. Or stop at the feed store and buy the large gal size of equi citronella spray. Best price, and buy a mister. I spray in the morning and when i put them in at night. Spray on there bellies as well cause those little flys attached themsleve to there tender udner bellies and bite like mad.

Halter and lead rope best for first timers , some horses are scared to death of sprays. You can also buy a wipe that can be applied by cloth for noses exposed by fly masks.

You guys probably need to add soemthing to the pond to kill or eat the larve as Mission didnt`spray this year. Or rig up a pump so its not standing still.


Hmmmm I thought I already posted ... not sure where it went. I'll bring something out on Saturday poor Swinger . Sounds like a wonderful evening !!