Rescue Journal

tunie won the "i hate that fan" war.

Carol  ·  Jul. 12, 2007

i went in this morning at 7 am and tunie was sleeping with carl and the sheep. i don't know if she banged on her door til it opened or if she asked carl to please push on the latch to help her out...whatever, the fan blew away in her empty stall and she slept in a less windy bed with the woolies. i unplugged the fan.

tom is home from the vets...he is suffering from "mung mouth" ie rotten, gross teeth. he is too old for a dental so he is on long term antibiotics instead.

the staff quite liked tom and they really liked my note:

Tom the hobbit

18 yrs old.

foul smelling urine

foul smelling breath (which smells even worse cuz he drinks his foul urine)

Voracious appetite, he will eat til he pukes and then eat it again.

my newest most favorite dog.

i call it like it is, he is foul but i love him to bits. he tried to bite them with his bloodwork. they said they weren't worried about him hurting them but more about dying of blood poisoning from his mung mouth! he is so cute!!

not so hot today, yay.