Rescue Journal

sandy's costly beach adventure

Nicole  ·  Jul. 13, 2007

so yesterday i brought sandy (a former saint) to the spanish banks dog beach. I had picked up a friend for her lunch hour and we headed to the beach. She had loads of fun running around trying to get other dogs to chase her, most didn't understand why she kept barking at them (that is how she plays).

The tide was out and we walked for almost a kilometre until the drop off. She played for about 1/2 hour when we decided to head back as the tide was coming in around us. The tide had come in around us quite a bit (we were on mini island) and she wouldn't enter the water towards the shore at all.
I could go on and on, but I will let the photos speak.

At the end of the trip, she had a great day, my day - not so much. I was soaked through, my arms felt like jelly, my car alarm keychain thing was wrecked, my cell phone fried from salt water, my car alarm wires had to be cut and my demobilizer deactivated. But I had one happy and tired dog.


Chris T

What we won't do for our SAINTS dogs!!! They certainly worm their way into our hearts and don't let go!!


that dog just kills me...what a great day for a dog dumped at the vets for euth for being a wienie.....she still is a wienie but she is so freaking cute, look at that face, it is her wienieness that makes her sandy.
good job nicole! (thank gawd you didn't have to carry wes!)


Oh Sandy you silly girl! Sounds like you might be needing some swimming lessons from K9H2O?????

I'm glad she had a great day, Nicole.....and those are wonderful pictures!!! Ziploc baggies for the car keys and cell next time you go near water with her?????? LOL