Rescue Journal

here is a reality dog story

Carol  ·  Jul. 15, 2007

there once was a large senior dog, somewhere between 11-15 yrs of one seems to know for sure. she suffers from chronic untreated ear infections, dental abcesses, and hip dysplagia. her hind end muscles have atrophied from lack of use. she is cranky and snapping because she hurts and her family has never provided any vet care for any of their animals because of the money involved, no vaccinations, no check ups, nothing, in all those years. in desperation a vet check for her because her issues could not be ignored and with that first and final check, came recommendations for blood work, xrays, antibiotic and anti inflammatory meds. the diagnostics were declined and family never picked the meds up since last april when they were prescribed, meds for severe pain for 4 months and more.

the family want the dog gone. but where can she go? she is old, and incontinent, and wrecked and in pain and not very nice right now either.

they called here. the story was somewhat different, it didn't sound too bad. it sounded like she could wait til we had room.... but i called the vet to double check on the health issues and the dog's condition, and got an earful that i really didn't want to hear right now.

so...i asked mo...what do i do? and mo said..."so what is the real question? can you stuff another dog in here somewhere? where?

ahhh yes, that is the real question...where?

dog reality stories suck.