Rescue Journal

Callie - One Month Later

Sheila  ·  Jul. 16, 2007

Callie one month later no longer squeals like a pig if you try to pick her up, leash, or take her for a walk. One month later she still loves dogs more than people. She hasn't figured out that we are nicer to her than the dogs. Even Luke has given her the occasional snap. She has made huge strides - today she didn't take off when I petted her and she actually gave my hand a lick. Yesterday she came and licked my knee. This morning when Leila walked over to give Callie her morning pet Callie rolled over and lifted a leg in anticipation for the pet. Having a visit to Mestisos Spa moved her forward and visiting a class of students being trained in dog behaviour set her back.

To be fair to the family that had Callie ... Callie more than likely was not being abused. She is an undersocialized dog that inherently is aloof from humans and more than likely was not touched by humans in her first few weeks of life. The family just didn't know how to cope with a puppy that didn't want to be touched. The loud squeals of protest wasn't Callie being abused it was just her way of telling her people she would not go on a walk.

Callie will never be a "normal" puppy that most people look for. She will never enjoy snuggles with humans but she is learning to accept the human touch. For this reason we are looking for a single person first or if need be a couple with no children for Callie. Ideally she should go into a home with no other dogs because she needs to bond with her human first and having another dog will hinder that process. For an aloof puppy she is very obediant. She comes in from the backyard when asked, she leaves the cat room when discovered, and goes into her kennel when asked. She may do well with a person who is interested in obediance training or agility. Someone who will give her structure and won't care that she isn't a cuddly puppy. Ideally we would like her to be adopted out when she actually runs up and asks for a pet - right know her requests are still very, very hesitant. But if the right home came along we would take it.

PS: Callie has the funniest looking teeth. One month later they don't really look that much bigger. What the heck he breed is a mystery to me.



can you guys post her or do you need nicole to do it?
also ask kathy if LAPS will host her too.


We were talking about this today and we would like to try putting her on petfinder and see what kind of a response she gets.


She still looks worried, but not petrified any more. She will probably grow up to be a big powerful girl, and you are right in that she needs just 1 or 2 people to bond with. You are doing a great job with her!


i am happy she is doing well and thank you both for investing the time and caring into her. she is a very lucky girl. let me know when she is ready for posting on petfinder. keep up the good work callie!