Rescue Journal

it sucks to be big

Carol  ·  Jul. 18, 2007

michael is not feeling great tonight and neither are remy, trish and bill. i think this cooler wet weather is wreaking havoc with their arthritis. i upped their pain meds tonight and will keep them up for the next few days til they stabilize again.

eddie tested negative for FIV/FeLV, this was the good news. the bad news was his inflamed and swollen gums are the worst that the vet has ever seen. he is on antibiotics, tramadol for pain and he had a steriod injection today too. it is too soon to consider full dental extractions, we will have to wait to see if he responds to treatment first. he will have to stay in the cage for the next few days so i can keep an eye on how much he eats.

frodo is booked for his surgery...i just forgot to ask if it was this coming friday or next...i will phone them tomorrow and double check.

i had a call on a senior dog booked for euth at 6 pm tonight. this one hurts...i have seen this dog and her elderly lady together when i am bopping around town seeing clients. she is a lovely shaggy, black and white something/ maybe many things...maybe a bit of BC, a bit of aussie, maybe some spaniel or samoyed...i was never close enough to get a real good look, just close enough to know that they love each other. the dog is a bit arthritic but otherwise fine but her lady cannot look after her now and the care home has said the dog has to go. the family is highly allergic. i asked that they try to negotiate with the care home for a bit more time if a dog walker is hired until we have space. i hope the negotiations go well.

the lab in pain tho is first on the list. sigh, prolonged pain beats death in the priority race. i hate the terms i think in sometimes....too brutal, too cold.

sometimes i think i should put a time limit on the saints...six months of the best we can give and then knock them off to make room for more. how sick is that??

also trina has a homeless goat at CAC and a line on two week old lice infested baby pygmie goats. poor things.

what a world.

god, i wish these guys, esp. the big ones, could find great homes. but they don't, no one wants them. it sucks to be old, it double sucks to be old and big, it triple sucks to be old, sick and big, and it quadruple sucks to be old, sick, incontinent and big. they don't stand a chance in the real world.

one of the nurses asked me today why i take the ones who will never find homes, why not help the ones who can? good question, i don't have the answer.



Good news..Trina's goat got retrieved by his owner so he is no longer needing a home.

Chris T

I think you take the ones who won't find homes because you value life and believe that every life has value.