Rescue Journal

could certain turtle footed hobbits, please......

Carol  ·  Jul. 19, 2007

not pee on my bed in the morning. geez...i got up this am, (tom was sound asleep) went to the bathroom, came back and there he is, innocently awake and waiting in a puddle. it would be nice not to have to have rubber mattress protectors on ones bed under the sheets. of course the obvious solution is to not let him sleep with me. but, he is palliative, he likes sleeping with me more than i dislike his peeing on the bed. oh well, next solution is to kick him off the bed BEFORE i go to the bathroom. i will try to remember this and not be in such a hurry myself. weak bladders are my bane. there are alot of banes around here, including my own. i hope when i eventually start peeing the bed someone is careful with my heart too.

muffin is very soft and sweet and quiet, hopefully i will see some real dog know the selfish, sucking up, opportunist dog looking to get what she wants and not shy about asking.... that is a real dog. the groomer who brought her here said something interesting that i had never thought of before but is true. she said muffins personality has not come out fully yet because she was cared for by elderly caregivers. this is true of most of the senior dogs i get here, their personalities are muted for the first few months. i have been thinking about why this is so. and why they change, perk up, becoming bigger inside over time here...i am grasping at figuring this out but i am starting to feel a vague sense that it has to do with living a confined, predictable, safe, quiet and consistent life with a confined, predictable, safe, quiet and consistent human for their entire lives. all creatures need some stress, some challenges to over come and push their way thru in order to fully participate in the world. otherwise, you just hover around on the perimeter waiting for the lull in the chaos of life, not really sure how to jump in there and sink or swim. beach huggers...that is what comes to mind. but she is a very soft and sweet beach hugger. funny how many here used to be beach huggers...tom, sweetpea, molly, mable...they ain't hugging the beach now.

chicklet never hugged a beach in her entire life, she is a baby shark....but then her family wasn't old.