Rescue Journal

jazz died today

Carol  ·  Jul. 19, 2007

julie found her about 10 am this morning, she was bleeding out. i guess that cancer finally got to something important in her. julie and jesse got her onto the stretcher and into julie's car and rushed her to the vet. they inserted an IV and gave her some pain meds. jazz patiently waited with julie at her side til i got there just before noon. the vet offered the possibilities of vit K and blood transfusions to possibly stabilize her, since she has had periodic episodes of rectal bleeding since she came in 2004 and this one was a massive bleed with her abdomen full of blood, i said no and to let her go. jazz being jazz just died, almost at that very moment, with no help from us.

thank you jazz for waiting so i could kiss your face one last time. you were a stubborn, mule headed oaf. but you were our oaf and all of us loved you.

rest in peace babe.



My heart breaks at this news. She's gone to meet Kathy so has humans who love her on both sides of the Bridge.

Thank you for sharing Jazz, Carol. She was brilliant, unique and brave... and a wonderful dog who made an impact on so many.

Bye sweet girl.


The grief of losing you affects so many so deeply.
At least there's solace in knowing that once again you're whole and, hopefully, just as stubbornley unique.
Tell them all how much you were loved at SAINTS, and how fortunate you were to have Carol with you at the end of your earthly journey.
Remember, Jazz, the day we went for a walk by the school? And how you pulled me to the door and stood there, wiggling and smiling? Obviously you were waiting for someone. Later when I told Carol of the incident she simply smiled and said that you loved kids.
And now I am just one of the many who loved you.
Good-bye, sweet Jazz. RIP


So sorry for another loss for you Carol. I didn't know Jazz but it sounds like she was a wonderful girl.


So sorry to hear about Jazz, Carol. It must be a very sad time for you.
Look after yourself.



This is sad news to read, Jazz was a truly unique dog, she was quick to join the picnics & even being blind & deaf, always managed to be where the good grub was.

Her presence will definatley be missed for a long, long time. Rip Jazz you were loved by many.


Jazz was a very brave girl yesterday. She tried to get up a few times but decided that lying down was a better option. She patiently let her doctor medicated and examine her, knowing we were doing our best to help her. Jazz looked straight at me a few time saying "where's my mummy?" I told her she was a very brave girl and that her mummy was comming very soon. When Carol did come, Jazz knew it was alright to let go. She did within a few minutes of Carol getting there. You were a good girl Jazz, very much a dog unto yourself.


I will miss Jazz. Very sad to see her go.... She was a beautiful, gentle giant and my first Rotti friend. Although I love big dogs I was always a little wary of Rottis until I met her - Jazz, the Ambassador for Rottweilers....
Whenever I have come over from England, one of the highlights of my visits to Saints has been Jazz leaning on my leg for a fuss. I remember last time I was there helping and petting the big dogs and Jazz rushed over and somehow got between my legs saying "Me, Love ME!!!"
Goodbye Jazz, sweet girl, you have fans thousands and thousands of miles away who love you!


Awe sorry for your loss Carol and all that loved this big gentle soul. Thank God you were there open arms for this big breed so she could really be loved and cared for. Her head always up looking for those treats. My sister will be heart broken as well as if I am not mistaken Jazz would assit cleaning duties by placing one big foot in the bucket to help hold it in place.
Run free now sweet Jazz with eyes wide open now!!!

Alison Latham/Maple Springs

Thank you Carol for being with Jazz. Having only met Jazz once, just after my Rotti passed, an impression has been made on me. Rotties are so sensitive and so many people think otherwise. I'm so thankful & cannot ever forget that my dear rottie waited for me as well to pass away. What a great time Jazz enjoyed at her home at Saints. Thank you for people like you Carol that honour all dogs that really do make a differnce to human beings who want to feel what love is. Jazz was happy to have been with you. I was happy to have met her. Hopefully she meets my rottie too someday.


I am so sorry to read this news, but glad that she died with you there, Carol.
I remember my first introduction to Jazz. I took her for a walk down Dlugosh, towards Eva's place. As I started to walk her up the hill where the road forks, she firmly planted her butt on the ground and refused to budge. Wouldn't go forward, wouldn't go towards home. It was a good thing I had a bag of treats in my pocket, 'cuz I had to bribe her one foot at a time to get her back home! LOL
You were a fine dog, Jazz. A stubborn, solid, independent, yet very sweet girl and you will be missed. Run free, Jazz.

Francesca Wilson

Somehow I felt Jazz would always be there. A loss for us all. She had a wonderful life at SAINTS and joins her friends before her.

Chris in Calgary (previously Kamloops)

Oh no! Carol I am so very sorry to hear about Jazz's passing. I haven't been online in a few weeks with my move and I just got online now and the top posting had the news...
The day I visited you she was such a happy helper! She touched my heart that day and I will never forget her. :-)
Hugs to you my friend. Thinking of you in this Calgary heat!!


Rest in Peace sweet Jazz. You will be missed. I am so sorry carol and all of the others who are a part of Saints. I know how special Jazz was to all of you, she's been at Saints forever