Rescue Journal

pops died at 2:30 today

Carol  ·  Jul. 21, 2007

the vet felt that there was alot going on for him besides his chronic mouth problems now. he was 18 almost 19 yrs old. both of us were quite surprised that pops managed to do as well as he had for the last 3 years, colleen remembered when i called her about these guys and she first met "the plague cats"...just boo left and she is 15 now too. pops always looked like crap, but looks means little about life enjoyment and gosh that cat loved all of us to bits. as i sat with him in my arms waiting for the sedation to take hold, i noticed that this was one of the few times he actually had a full coat of fur again. colleen said, "you must have given him a bath recently, this is the cleanest i have ever seen him"...nooo...he gave himself a bath earlier in the week when he fell in the tub with me. i told him time and time again that de-clawed cats should not hang out on the side of wet and slippery full bathtubs...he never did listen to me all that well.
i love you pops, drooling face and everything, the kitchen counters and my bath times will never be the same.

panda came home from the vets, he had another steriod injection, his mouth is not too bad right now. thank god from small favors.

trish is still not great but i didn't want to panic and rush her. colleen said she will be available all week on her lunch breaks if i decide that trish is ready to go.

new incoming, don't know his name. will update on him after he arrives. this has been a brutal last few days.



Oh this is sad news :( I'm just doing my "catch up on saints blog reading" and am sad to read this. Pops was quite a character!


First Jazz and now Pops!!! It has been a brutal week Carol - at least as you say Panda Bear is not so bad. Sending hugs to you all!!! Lisa


Dear Carol,

Sorry that it has been a bad week for you. I'm sorry about little Trish. If you still feel that Caro would like a forever home after she passes where he would get a big fuss made of him to get over his loss,he definitely has a home here.

Cheers and sorry for your loss of Pops.


Run free, drooly Pops. You were a lovely cat, drool and all. You made me laugh when you would screw up your nose and turn your head away like a little kid when I tried to wipe your face with a paper towel. Yet a moment later you would be back, reaching for cuddles, rubbing against me, slobbering on my neck -such a loving cat.


I always told Pops how handsome he waw. Underneath all his sickness he was a very handsome and brave little man. I will miss him.


Good bye Pops, Rest in peace. I'm sorry Carol,it's been a hard week for you. Never easy to say Good-Bye even when it;s the right time.