Rescue Journal

thx for forwarding on all the emails this morning nicole

Carol  ·  Jul. 21, 2007

i esp. liked the sheep one, poor thing. geez what a way to start the day. can you put a disclaimer on the contact page please that says saints is currently full, we are available to discuss problem solving solutions so the animal can remain in thier home but are unable to provide a re-homing solution here at this time....does this sound good????.....maybe we can head some of these sad tales off at the pass. i don't want to know about them...the phone one is helping, alot of hang ups but fewer are actually leaving messages...funny tho, occasionally one will say..." i know your message says you are full...BUT...." sigh, what can you do?

busy weekend is my cleaning day plus the vet runs but tomorrow since julie is here i am doing the dump run, paying the bills, hacking off those bloody blackberry tentacles that are creeping over and under the fence and aiming for someones eye or ankle, i would like to mow the back lawn if it dries up enough and clean up all the poop that has miraculously appeared in the driveway where our dogs don't go (i will have to put a poop and scooper thing out there) i want to do my laundry and actually put it away this time too and i really want tp sort thru the meds cuz once again they have spiralled out of control. then i will feel good about starting another week at work!

muffin is perking up...she is jumping up on me to get some ice cream instead of sitting there patiently like no one else...she is probably thinking that the other dogs rudeness works better, around here it does. who ever is right under my nose and in my direct line of vision, gets the most. maybe that is why there is always such a crowd around me when i am eating something good.

pops is looking a bit perkier this morning, i gave him a good dose of pain meds last night, probably a bit high of a dose for his kidneys, but pain management comes first for him. i couldn't rehydrate him tho cuz everything here is outdated and therefore contaminated. i will get more from the vet today, i didn't realize we were out, that sucked for him. i hope another steroid injection will push him forward into feeling decent again, but i think it is too close to the last one maybe and am afraid they are starting not to work. that will suck too. oh well, we will have to wait for the vet on this one...we see her at 11 am.

ok...starting the day now, holy crap is it a mess around here???...too many beds, too many bodies and there was too much pee too, but i already mopped that up. calling all dogs (almost, but not ben) to the lower field...saturday morning is just beginning.

have a good one everyone.