Rescue Journal about the animals

Carol  ·  Jul. 23, 2007

and not my bottled up issues....

i have booked trish's euth for thursday, i might cancel it but we have it if needed. she is still not great.

mr. maxwell-not-so-smart, growled at julie when she went into his room this morning, he was over by his food bowl so i am not sure if it is resource guarding by a dog who went hungry for several days or a hey i don't recognise you today and i am still little stressed. oh well, you can bet i will figure it out eventually...they can run here but they can't hide, at least not from me cuz my enquiring mind wants to know!

sweet pea shocked me. she was on my lap and remy came to say hi to me, not her. jump and snip, that tiny little five pound bleary eyed babe, told him to buzz right off. remy ignored her, she is a mosquito compared to him.

nudge is going to emma's. she will give her a great home and can moniter her bowel movements better than we can here. thx so much emma, i promise that nudge will be the best cat in the world!

last evening, lynn took ben for a walk and came home with two dogs. a white dogo fell out of the back of the truck right in front of her and the driver didn't notice ( my throat is closed right now for repairs, i have to write the newsletter piece and need a better frame of mind to do it in). luckily ben didn't jump him, (he doesn't jump big strange dogs, they might kick his ass. he waits to get to know them first). the poor dog was pretty scraped up and he was bleeding from his ear. anyway, i called the pound, they said to bring him in so lynn did. i checked today on my lunch and he is ok today, his owner finally realized his dog was missing and called the pound. they said he is coming in for him. good rescue work lynn but no more going out with one dog and coming back with two, sheesh!

swinger has weathered his trauma well. no sign of infection and he appears to be moving as well as he normally moves. i have put shavings down in the aisle way, it gives them some grip and i think it is safer than just the bare cement. he has been pretty nice for the last day or so. maybe he appreciated eva's and my concern on that scarey night or maybe he doesn't feel all that perky yet.

quick update on the saints foster dogs...daphne had her knee surgery and is doing well, tugs and roxy have settled in comfortably and made themselves right at home (tugs had tapeworm that has now been treated). joe has been to the groomer and looks very handsome, i get to see him when he comes to pick up the laundry, true is growing more bumpy things but has turned into an absolutely great, great dog, luke (he is really not a foster anymore cuz his mom's pay everything for him but we pretend he is still ours and therefore want to let everyone know what he is up to) apparently has had a bit of a tough time lately with some health issues, it looks more like ulcers vs cancer so that is really good news, luke is a great dog with a really great face, he is bill's second in command of saints face ambassadors and of course callie is doing quite well too from sheila and leila's last weeks post on her. and madam mable feed me more meat and golly miz palates molly have taken over the thomas world....mable the kitchen and molly the laps.

thank you to all who foster any homeless animal for anyone but esp thank you to the saints fosters for giving them so much more than we could here.



good lord!!!! i forgot trev on the foster list, i am so sorry...geez now i am forgetting foster dogs!
all of the above to you both too, trevor is so well loved by you, lucky boy.


Hi Carol,
I'm sorry about Trish, Pops, and Jazz. What a week for you! At least they had you and SAINTS. Trevor is doing so well!!. He is on cipro po and drops. His ears are much better and he will even sit for me while I admin. them (so screeching or wiggling). His skin is much better too! He has hair on his neck now. His behaviour is improving as well and he much more playful!! I will get out there soon (I hope) Take care Heidi

Chris T

As Carol says: "SAINTS dogs are the best!" It is true! Our fosters make us laugh everyday and enrich our lives. Fostering seniors is a great gift.


we'll talk when you get back and see how he is doing and what he needs then, i can try guessing but only caro can tell. thx johanna, have a good trip!



So sorry about litte Trish !! If you feel that it would help Caro deal with her loss, he is very welcome to come here if you feel that it is a good placement for him.
I have to go to Toronto on July 30th but will be back on August 4th.

I know that I was a bit concerned about how Michael and Milo would treat him. However, I think as he is an old quiet small dog, they will accept him.

He would certainly get lots of love and attention and he might even go to the seniors' home with Michael.

Anyway, you can let me know what you think.