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Garage sale and open house

 ·  Jul. 26, 2007

So we are having a fundraising garage sale on Saturday and Sunday August 11 & 12. If you have stuff around your house that you don't want, but don't have enough to have a sale of your own, bring it out to saints or let us know and we may be able to pick it up from you.

We are also having our annual open house on Saturday August 18. There will be tours and treats and many visits with the wonderful animals at saints. I believe the veggie hot dogs have been vetoed this year, but there will be other snacks and drinks. There have been many changes out at SAINTS in the last year: we have a gravel pathway through the lower field, a new lean-to, a beautiful bunny room, storage room and many many new animals (including Percy the cow and Ellie the pig). So if you've never been out to saints or haven't been in a while come on out.
SAINTS is located at 33860 Dlugosh Avenue in Mission - just off Stake Lake rd.



Yes no clothing.. unless it is super nice & will fit me... I hate shopping so if stuff can come to me..that's great !!!


yes, if everyone would price their items that would be awesome as I am not very good at it.
Maureen can correct me if i'm wrong, but i think the only thing we don't want is clothing.

johanna, i can pick up items from you whenever you like, just send me an email.

Lynn P

Hi Carol,
Do you want everyone to tag their own items with suggested prices to reduce the presale work there?

Also, are there items you absolutely do NOT want - that you know from previous experience will just have to be carted off to the dump later?

Sign me ... gathering info in Ruskin!

Lynn P


That's great Carol,

I've got lots of stuff that I can donate, and I can always call on my friends and neighbours to donate to Saints for the Garage Sale. Are there any particular items that you think would sell well?

Unfortunately, I can't come on Saturday, August 11th but could come on Sunday the 12th. I could bring the donations then or I could ask Nicole if I could drop them off at her home so that they could be there on the Saturday. (Thanks Nicole, I always seem to be calling on you to help me out !!)

Also, on the 12th perhaps I could bring some wine and food for the celebraton of Pippa's life (and also hang her wind chime.) What do you think? Or would you rather I did it another time.

I could do it at The Open House, but it would be later in the day as I have a wedding at 1 p.m.

All the best,