Rescue Journal

friday lunchtime

Carol  ·  Jul. 27, 2007

i thought maybe little tom wouldn't be here when i got home from lunch, he was so poor this morning. anyway, i guess he is feeling better cuz eva called me at noon and said he was back up and yellling for his lunch. whew.

we have issues with max...apparently he growled at both eva and greg today...not food related this time. i worry about this dog because while he is 100% better than he was before arrival, he is still wound up pretty tight. wesley rockstar is just finally starting to untwist and it has taken him months. ahhh max, i don't want you here for months on end. i want you to find your forever home and untwist there. crap-a-rola....not too many people want a stressed out dog.

i pretty much have the cleanest ankles in is now the in thing to do with the little guys, surround me and lick my feet...sigh, there are now three foot lickers and another who is thinking she might join the foot fetish club too.

ok, noon meds are done, blog is updated about tom and i am off back to work.