Rescue Journal

are you ready to rumble?

Carol  ·  Aug. 2, 2007

cuz ben is every second of every day. he likes to scrap, it is a recreational activity for him...and i wasn't here to wreck it for him which i do on his first jump.

apparently he was out in the yard when max came home from his walk and ben was on him like a dirty shirt. no damage that i can find to either although there was a little blood at the time.

one can only hope that ben bit his tongue, it would serve him right.

anyway...i guess i gotta do something a bit more drastic to isolate that absolute jerk. i didn't want to put him too far away from all the action, as he really is a nice and human social dog. but what can you do, except nuke the little beast and since he is more of a jerk than a killer, it is kind of hard to justify that one.

maybe i should build some sound proof condo-pens way out in the back forty for ben, phoebe, wesley rockstar and maude...gee would my life ever get a whole lot easier and quieter. i wonder if the vet will do a 4 for 1 and we could de-bark them all and save on the sound proofing. i wonder why all of them just have to yell so much, i can hear perfectly fine and so can almost everyone else that is human around here. those dogs are very loud doorknobs at the best of times.

hey! i like the idea of a dog jail for the socially inept, and/or verbally challenged or just plain annoying. and just bread and water too, no pizza. ( i should try to get one eyed, blind mr. potato-ed back to be the warden, he'd kick ben's butt)



well i can't afford to donate to it, i am too busy donating to the barn floor.