Rescue Journal

Callie - Even Though She Doesn't Know It - Has Found Her New Home

Sheila  ·  Aug. 4, 2007

Callie Callie Leila and I went to meet Callie's potential adopters today. She is going to be living with a Mom, Dad, 17 year old boy and a two year old cat in Chilliwack. The cat (who's name I can't remember) and Callie should have a lot in common because it took him 4 months to come out of hiding and he still shy. I was getting worried because "puppy" wasn't getting any solid applications. She got exactly two. I think that negative write up I did of her must of scared a lot of people off because the two applications only came after my more postive update. So we got lucky and got a great first application. This family has had 3 dogs before and two of them were probably more difficult than Callie. The german shepherd came from living in the basement and the doberman they had came from a home where he was tied up to a trailer and then when the trailer was sold - living in a pick up truck. They are a nice family that just love the animals that come into their homes and are committed to them until the end. Because Callie is still shy we decided that on Monday Leila would drive out to Callie's new home with her and hang out there for a couple of hours so that the transition isn't so scary for her. Callie is going to slip back a bit when she goes into this new home because there will be no other dogs - but the good news is that she has become very attached to Leila and so we know that she can attach herself to humans. Almost two months later (and over 4 1/2 months since she is loosing her baby teeth and getting adult teeth) Callie is 21.4 pounds. I think she isn't going to be more than 40 lbs.

If someone could tell Eva's grandson that he took the first step (and that was the biggest step of all) in helping Callie finding her way to being a normal dog. My wish is that the rest of Callie's siblings get the chance Callie has been given.



Good luck Callie. I wish you al lifetime of love and safety. Way to go Leila and Sheila that's wonderful!!!!

Chris T

Sheila & Leila - you have an amazing gift! Your abiity to rehabilitate dogs is truly wonderful. You have done an excellent job. Thank you!


Love the Pic & Wahoo for Callie! You guys have done a great job & I hope we get to hear updates from her new family. She was the 1st puppy I met that was frightened of humans... it was so sad , to see her curled up beside Sheila makes my day !!!


Callie looks so chill! :) Thank God Colton and Carol and Nicole and Sheila and Leila all cared enough about this little girl, and had enough faith in her to make this little miracle happen. Good news stories are the best!


i am so glad, woohoo!!!!
and i absolutely love that picture, she is so loose and content. GREAT job you guys!...whenever we forget why we do is because of all the callie's, the ones who just can't seem to get a break.
i will tell colton, he will be very happy too.