Rescue Journal

Molly Update

Chris  ·  Aug. 8, 2007

So Molly has been with us since the end of April. She continues to do her pilates stretches everyday. She does them when she gets up, when you come home or when she thinks you are not paying enough attention to her. Now she has added some yoga to her routine and regularly rewards us with her downward dog pose.
She is loving eating raw. Given that she has no teeth we have to modify the diet for her a bit. We had been giving her ground raw with ground bone in it. However, lately she has been taking on the big dog's food. I have seen her with ribs the size of her body as she heartily rips the meat off with her gums. Tonight she just stripped a chicken leg in under 15 minutes with no teeth! She is amazing. She is quite the little shark when anyone comes near her and her meat. She goes into full growl mode and they all back off.
You would never guess that she is 17 years old.