Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 9, 2007

sweet pea barks like daffy duck. she barks alot and very loudly whenever she wants something and that is quite alot. it is a "HEY! I NEED YOU" kind of thing...very cute. it changed yesterday morning. it sounded exactly the same but i knew she was saying something different. she still wanted something, but not yearningly...she was pissed. all day. i was teasing her about having her knickers tied into a knot and what the heck was she mad at?! she has been normal in all other ways, great appitite, good mobility and activity level, interactive and bright and alert.

duh. i finally got it at midnight when we went to bed. her little heart was racing. her respirations were shallow. shit, and double shit, she was in pain.

i got up, got her some pain meds and soothed her for the next hour while they had a chance to work. she relaxed and slept and her breathing deepend, and her heart slowed down and she quit bitching at me. she cuddled up and slept, just like she does every night.

pain manifests itself in different ways with different personalities, sweet pea became irritable. i guess her mammary cancer is progressing right now and she has moved to a level where it is beginning to hurt.

i should have figured it out earlier but i am glad i figured it out at all.

sorry babe, you can have the feel good meds now.