Rescue Journal

so i have something to say about tomorrows garage sale...

Carol  ·  Aug. 10, 2007

mo and nicole have done this entire thing on their own. they were hauling stuff out here all week, were here thursday, friday until late and will be back at 7 am tomorrow for the sale on their own. two people and more than a ton of work. plus all the clean up to come afterwards....

AND i have been an utter bag, bitching all week about garage sales and tons of left over items that i don't want to have to deal with. they have had to put up with me on top of everything else...not really fair, but they did and all to raise money for their beloved furry friends vet bills. kudos to you both and all of us love you even me when i am being a bag.

i hope that you have a really great day tomorrow because you have both worked really hard. i wish i wasn't working so i could help (but we all know i hinder more than help, cuz i try to give everything away!) but i promise to bring you lunch.



Today was great, we had help from Fransceca & Hubby Heidie & her Mom, Elaine & Louise & support from many rescue friendly type.. it was great !!!

As for Molly...OMG I am falling in love all over again, how these guys do it is very, very sneaky.. cuz all of a sudden I'm thinking about them alot & worry about them alot & fuss over them alot & want nothing more but for them to be happy & comfortable & loved .

please excuse my spelling mistakes... I'm really tired ...


Well done, Nicole and Mo,

That was a lot of work for you so I'm so glad to hear that it was such a success.





great job made enough today to cover ruby's,molly's and cinamons vet bills to date plus whatever cinamon continues to rack up over the next couple of days. (her blood work is back, not great, it is her liver)...she will remain in the clinic on IV meds while they try to get her into feeling better mode...if she is not better soon, we will have to let her go.
saints molly, ruby and cinamon are deeply grateful.
funny, when you think of cash in terms of care and comfort for our friends, it is a really wonderful thing.
thank you!