Rescue Journal

clyde and 1

Carol  ·  Aug. 12, 2007

washington is a dream...he is already eating well and sleeping on my bed, apparently he is not stressed.

clyde is a serious little critter. no sense of humour, no spark of joy, not even alot of curiosity. just an intense quietness and distrustfulness about him. he is however "humanized" and i suspect there is one little, big jerk of a dog in there. sigh, i can recognise a pain in the neck from a mile away, despite how quiet he happens to be right now.

i guess i will phone all the vets and see if we can squeeze his neuter in asap. i am not even going to start getting him to like me til i have finished with all the necessary good reasons not to trust me first.

i think the phenobarb is suppressing him somewhat but i think he is naturally a very aloof kind of dog.

welcome to carol in your face clyde. enjoy the next day or so of your solitary existence cuz it has come to an abrupt end. and welcome to saints too.

oh and i miss our littlest trembliest, sweetest son, caro. he went out to foster today too...and nudge is not nudging me tonight either, she is most likely nudging emma right now. sweet pea and tom are after me to pick them up least that is still normal.