Rescue Journal

soooo....that is life and death

Carol  ·  Aug. 15, 2007

bill died and emotionally i don't want to deal with it. but practically i have to because there are 2 highly at risk dogs and one low risk dog waiting to get in. the low risk (a 13 yr old blind beagle) can wait.

so i check up on the 15 yr old senior who was kicked out of the seniors facility and was living in one of the staff persons garage, despite telling them if she was going to be euth'd, i would take her right away, she is now dead. i am sorry kelsey, i should have taken you right away.

next on the list was the senior untreated pain and ear infection lab x. she is still alive and her family dropped her off at the vets for us. apparently she bites. great. they will load her up with ear and pain meds and i will bring her home tonight after work. saints welcomes "boots".

bill's vacated spot is filled but not with a dog like bill. oh well, what can you do?...bill was one in a million.



There will never, ever be another Bill. I'm so glad we were able (well Chris was able) to successfully bid on a beautiful black and white photo of sweet Bill at the SAINTS silent auction. I also managed to save one of Nicole's amazing Christmas cards featuring Bill. Today I look at his image with tears, but also celebrate his seven loved-filled years with you, Carol. Bill was a dog who was safe in the knowledge that he was adored. 17 years wasn't long enough, but how many years would be?

Goodbye you goofy , funny, beautiful SAINT. You are loved.