Rescue Journal

ok, so...clyde is a toad

Carol  ·  Aug. 17, 2007

but geez he is freaking funny. last night i heard all kinds of banging around the hallway, i peek around the corner and there is clyde who has dumped over my wicker waste basket, pushing with his nose down the hall and into his room. he came right back, dumped out the stainless steel cat food bowl and pushed that down there too. on his final trip, he grabbed the full bag of cat food and hauled that in there too.

this afternoon, i came in from cleaning the barn and my once again empty wicker basket, the now empty bathroom shampoo wicker basket from the bathroom shelf are in his room and there is cat food spread everywhere cuz he took their bowl again too. the dog is a maniac.

sigh, i wonder if his previous owner was a home and design queen cuz apparently clyde is into home decorating.

and by the way he is smiling at me now, he wagged his tail a couple of times when i told him he was nutz and he sometimes comes when i call him and lets me scratch his head. i think he is doing pretty good.



whoever clyde belong to before, led an isolated existence. he is socialized to someone because he is trying to cautiously form a relationship with me but he is like a man on the or the new kid on the block!...forward, retreat, run, stop, oh heck, let's go and see.
i bet he was a well loved, never went anywhere, never saw anyone, kind of little dog whose world was very small. and i think he was the master of that world and holy crap, now he is just one of many and the world suddenly got very, very big.
ahh, the little confounded prince. god forbid when he figures it all out. he is going to be a handful.


I just got back from a social outing with my co-workers and I took them a copy of what you had written. They were all impressed Carol. Way more progress than we ever expected and in such a short period of time. He is obviousy reay starting to trust you, which is a major step for Clyde. What a little bugger thinking he can take the big guys on, no fear. I'm so happy for Clyde he deserves a "normal" life which includes playing.


more progress...i just gave him supreme shit for fence fighting with max and literally chased him in the house and sent him to the back hall. when i went back to check on him, he stood on his side of the gate and wiggled his tail so i reached over and poked him on the snout.....he liked it, grabbed my finger softly and played rough house with his mouth and my finger so i grabbed his snout with two fingers and he liked that even more...and voila! bow!!!! that was nice to see.
he is such a wierd little dog, i guess he likes rough and ready vs sweet and kind, seems to make him more comfortable.


That's awesome Carol. He would let me pet him if I closed his outside run and he had no means of escaping, so I can't really say he came to me willingly.......and he never smiled at me!!!
Wait til I tell everyone at the Shelter, Clyde is into wicker, they just won't believe it.
I think he's happy with you!!!! And I agree he is a Toad.