Rescue Journal

love hurts...

Carol  ·  Aug. 18, 2007


so maybe you are wondering if maybe i happen to be hurt?

why yes i am.

and why is that?

for two reasons.

one...because i love saints and all who dwell here so much that i hauled shit around til 3 am and got up and started again at 6 am so saints and the animals and the visitors would have a good day.

and two?...because percy loves his mommy dearest so much that he just had to land with all of his three hundred and fifty pounds of bovine bliss right on top of my shoulders (and he almost amputated my right breast with his hoof while he was at it.)

mo saved me but only so she could yell at me and wag her finger in my face. she said "SEE!!! THIS IS YOUR OWN FAULT, QUIT BEING SO NICE TO HIM!!!!!" she yelled a few other things but that was the gist of it.

sigh, my back is wrecked tonight, i can barely move and it pisses me off that i have way better pain meds for the animals then i do for myself.

but...all in all, it really was a truly great day. thx everyone for loving us all so well. maybe tomorrow, if no one loves me too much, i will be able to walk somewhat upright again.

and rae...i went out to a movie with my daughter tonight (we saw stardust and i really liked it even if sitting for 2 and a half hours made my back seize up) anyway, you don't care about that but what you might care about is...sometime while i was gone, i became clyde's mom too. he was so happy to see me when i got home, he was jumping up on me, grabbing my fingers in his mouth and spinning around in circles.

clyde loves me and he didn't hurt me either.



.......but I bet Clyde peed while you were gone!! Yeah, Carol and Clyde he loves you!!!!!!You are an amazing lady Carol and obviously Clyde has realized that if he chose you for his Mommy.

I'm sorry Percy hurt your back I can only imagine how much being jumped on by a cow hurts, poor you.Perhaps he was trying to give a hug. Sounds like you need some good drugs or lots of Baileys and Hot Chocolate!