Rescue Journal

oh gross!

Carol  ·  Aug. 19, 2007

i found maggots behind the shelf in the catroom where the food and water bowls sit. i guess the bits of food and water that fall down there is a good breeding ground for the little beasts.

so while i am retching and squealing at cleaning them up, along comes the little hobbit for a snack. that just did me in.

both clyde and sweet pea have the zoomies, that was pretty cute.

boris is on his way so i better set up his room.

it is nice and quiet here this afternoon so i have been piddling around doing laundry and looking under and behind things. it was kind of fun til i moved that shelf, now i am afraid to look further, and even more afraid not too.

that sucks cuz despite what those white wiggly things think, they ain't saints and they ain't surviving their discovery either.

i admit it...i murder maggots. i feel somewhat guilty for this but not a whole heck of alot.