Rescue Journal

just a quickie update on some of the sainted concerns

Carol  ·  Aug. 22, 2007

molly is passing bloody diarrhea today. i spoke with the vets and she is on flagyl and we will see how she does.

ugly betty (previously betty boots) is looking mighty fine since sam combed her out at the open house AND tempermentally, she has been relatively decent for the past couple of days so i think her thyroid is finally straightening out.

max makes his permanent move into his new home on sept the 6th. he will continue with day trips and overnights until then. he is a really nice dog, but he is a bit of a jerk now that his mental break down is finished and thankfully naomi can handle him quite well.

spritely's hock is still swollen and dripping, i think i will have the vets out to see her tomorrow if i can. but she feels good so that is a good sign.

ben MIGHT...i said... MIGHT have a permanent foster home. we will know by next monday. gawd that dog is the most annoying, "let's kick ass" twit on how come i like the little bastard so much??

and clyde...he is a major jerk just like i thought...but at least he is now a highly social one. he is now popping over to every available human for a pet and a cuddle in between his snarling "let me kill that max" routine...sigh, i hate it when i am right.