Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 22, 2007




i said it really fast so mo wouldn't yell.



well actually, since you mention it...i have a couple of three or four plans in mind, but i just cannot quite decide....
plan A)
jeanette and percy share a stall (this is my most favorite plan but it will depend on how much they like each other.

plan B)
she and percy sleep in the center aisle one on each side of the gate (we will have to throw down some more stall mats) and the sheep and carl get percy's stall.

plan C)
we close in part of the new shade/rain shelter, gate it and turn it into a cow shelter at night. during the day they can all still go in and out and use it if they want cuz we can just leave the gate open.

plan D) we rip out the feed area giving tunie a bigger area, move the feed room into the red shed and move the hay in one of those portable tarped garages, which i would have to go and buy. (this has nothing to do with the cows but i am thinking about this cuz tunie obviously wants a bigger room like ellie mae has.

so what do you think???


I just picked myself up off the floor from laughing.... as much as another cow is not what we need... Jeannette needs us & that is that .

It must be a karma thing .. * poof * viola..a cow in need :- )

Where in the world will she sleep ?? ... I bet Carol already has 2 or 3 plans


This is too funny. I thought Carol had forgotten how to type...then I realized she was "Speed talking". Lucky cow will never become a steak!


nope...i called the vet this afternoon to ask their advice and if getting another cow would help.... low and behold they knew about jeanette (a long time client) looking for a home because her lady refuses to leave the property while jeanette is still alive unless she has a great place to go where she will never be sent off to market... but they were afraid to ask because they didn't want to burden me with an old arthritic cow on pain meds when we already have so much on our plate.
wanna bet the saints guardian angels had a hand in this?


Ok Carol , the jig is up you knew about this cow the day before yesterday didn't you!!! hahahaha


Now what are the chances of this happening LOLLLLLLLLL A senior cow right out of no where needing a home ..

Never hit anythign in the face..ever...

Get a flat bottom riding crop , it makes a loud smack sound and you can stick it in your back pocket. Aim for chest , legs.. or udner his little giant self. Never ever strike with out first giving a command and opportunity for him to do it .. " in " and " out" two simple basic commands.

Me thinks this calf will only mount mammels in season.. course there is no guarantees with anything but your horses are gelded , the pig is spayed , Carl is fixed and i'm not sure about the woolies?

Lynn P

Hides a few packages of earplugs here and there strategically for Carol ........ just in case .....