Rescue Journal

for goodness sakes!

Carol  ·  Aug. 23, 2007

i took a couple of sick days cuz i have been battling a four day migraine. this was stupid cuz the very last place anyone with a headache should be is anywhere near here. i still have the migraine but i am going back to work tomorrow just so i can get away from phoebe and clyde (clyde SHRIEKS when he wants something!)

SAINTS welcomes a new cat....apparently, it has been hanging around my neighbors for weeks and he is really afraid his rotti is going to kill it. being computer literate he looked on our site and decided it was Tigger Woods, he kindly brought him home.

except Tigger Woods is already home and isn't allowed outside ever. sooo...jesse is here cleaning and this new cat looks exactly like the poster in her neighborhood for a missing cat, she drops the poster off here. remarkable resemblence, but i think it is not the same cat. anyway the family are popping by to have a look but i told them not to get their hopes up.

and according to the appliance repair people, the problem with the washer is related to too much sand in my well. soooo...i had a guy come out and install a sand filter and while he was here he mentioned that the well pump is toast and going to die like tomorrow. shit! $1000 later and we have a new sand filter and a new pump. but, i will say that this pump is quiet, it does not screech so loud so i can't even think, like the old one did and that is good for my headache.

i don't even want to think what a few days with no pump to move the water around up here would be like...we wouldn't even be able to get water out of the storage tanks, so i am kind of glad to be a thousand dollars poorer but maybe a bit richer in a reliable water supply for our beasts!