Rescue Journal

jeanette arrives early next week

Carol  ·  Aug. 23, 2007

for a couple of weeks trial. her lady agreed that if she is not happy here, she will go home and her lady will steadfastedly refuse to move until her demise.

this is true honor and loyalty, both in short supply in this world.

sigh, i will have to go and help her care for jeanette if she goes home again, she doesn't expect it but i know she needs help.

the people came to look at the cat...wrong cat. another deep sigh, i will let the vets and pound know we have a stray...oh what shall we name him...he looks like a girl, but he is not....i am thinking of "pat",

like "pat the cat"...oh lord, headaches are such terrible things, poor boy.



Lucky old Jeanette! We had a beef cow at work live to 23 years old, she was such a nice girl. She was also on pain meds for her arthritis, and loved nothing more than to graze on my veggie garden. (She could only reach in about a foot, so that area was for her)