Rescue Journal

better late than never

Carol  ·  Aug. 27, 2007

jeanette arrives on wednsday morning. i guess i better decide where to put her.

betty boots has returned to the hag...she is chasing the cats and scuffling with remy. i also saw her lift her lip at sweet pea, wanna bet i was on her like a dirty shirt...geez, sweet pea?, she is the tiniest most precious saint!!

boris is a brat. he is so good and sweet with humans but gosh he sucks with other animals. i moved him back to the bathroom for now. he likes it better in there anyway.

i am currently setting up a sitting room for myself in the old sick cat room. the animals are still welcome by invitation but i need some personal space too. the entire back area (my bedroom, bathroom, sitting room, all of like 250 square feet) is now NOT part of the shelter. anything behind that small hallway gate now qualifies as my home and i will take care of that area myself. i wonder if i can be strong and keep the pee'ers out (well not tom and sweet pea, that is for sure but i told those spraying orange boys to buzz off!)

and since i am tearing apart the whole back area, i am re-organizing the other areas too...sigh, and double is about freaking time.

i wonder if i will actually get to bed tonight...hmmm, bet i regret this tomorrow.