Rescue Journal

yeah, well, some days are good and some days are bad, and some just gotta be both.

Carol  ·  Aug. 27, 2007

i worked my butt off today, but that was the easy part.

betty boob has been banished to the big dog room permanently. all it took was going after michael and then a few hours later, endora, to forever change her status from kitchen dog to big dog room dog. she is not a happy camper right now, and quite frankly, i don't care.

i met ben's potential foster mom today, she is a very nice senior, pet-free lady. tomorrow i will go and check her fence because even tho he will spend most of his time on the couch, i cannot risk his abscounding and looking for neighborhood rumbles on his pee breaks.

max has gone home, for good (he will still be back for that weekend in sept.) apparently when he came home from his weekend away last night, he did not want to come back in. YES! great way to apply the guilt max and get yourself home a week or two early! the big guys are very happy to have both their rooms back so they aren't too concerned that betty boob has just been banished to their home...wait til they get to know her better.

i had an email tonight from the family that gave roxy away a few months ago. they are upset that she ended up here and would like her back and can identify her by her rotten teeth and really bad breath...well actually, a thousand dollars later, no they can't identify her that way because we had all of that fixed up for her so she would feel better, and she does. roxy is very happy in her permanent foster home, i am not messing around with that. (how many homes has this poor dog had? so far my count is up to at least three, (now up to four homes, this family only had her for about a many homes could a 16 yr old dog have actually lived in?)of course this count does not include here or her foster home)...sigh, dogs are not supposed to be ping pong balls.

and could chicklet please just shut up? geez, she ragged on everyone from the safety of her bed, all thru canadian idol...i haven't a clue who sounded good and who is going to bite the dust this week...thanks alot chicklet, another 60 minutes on your nap might have been helpful.



You are a good doggie momma Carol. Making sure fences are high enough, everyone is safe, and hopfully content. It takes skill, compassion, a big heart and a lots of problem solving skills. I think Roxie would agree with you. She has settled in and is quite happy where she is. Another move should not be in her agenda.


sigh, and the family would be reading this. not everyone thinks like we do deb, that is why we rescue, people have their own reasons for doing whatever they do in life. and we have our reasons for doing what we do too. this would be one of those areas, like venus to mars where we are sometimes so far apart. vastly different perspectives. human needs vs animal needs...i focus on the animals, that is my job.
i am content that roxy has a great life now and however many homes she had in the past, good or bad or both, they are irrelevent to her now. it is the now that matters the most to her. it is what matters to me the most now too.


One would think that Roxy's former "family", the same loving and responsible people who gave her away like a second or third hand sofa, would be thrilled that Rox landed in a soft place. They should be begging Roxy's forgiveness and making a huge donation to the Sanctuary, then getting the hell out of Roxy's safe new world.