Rescue Journal

Erika...oh most favored cow queen????

Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2007

jeanette is still upset....she didn't eat her breakfast before she left home cuz she knew we humans were planning a dastardly deed and she was right. and as far as i can tell, she has not eaten or had anything to drink here grazing, no hay, none of her reqular beet pulp that her mom made up for her. she won't touch the dairy tex or the apples and bananas that i cut up for her.

soooo...this enquiring mind wants to know how long a very senior upset cow can go without food and water before i should freak out????



Poor cow - she is just very out of sorts. I wouldn't worry until tomorrow. Maybe keep her in her stall, the new animals might be upsetting/distracting to her and that might be why she isn't eating.
I think that if she doesn't eat anything overnight, you might need to worry...I wish I lived closer! I love jersey cows.