Rescue Journal

the lazy sots are all still sleeping (because unlike me, they are all retired and can sleep in)

Carol  ·  Aug. 31, 2007

i will try to stop by ben's new foster home on my lunch break for a final yard check to ensure we didn't miss anything and it is now ben proof...greg said he'd be finished in the early afternoon, and ben's foster mom would like ben there for dinner tonight. maybe i can pop him over as soon as i am off of work (that would be before the barn, house mop ups and field runs).

jeanettte was quieter last night, she is just starting to call out now and i bet is now more related to "hey!! open the gate so i can wander or where is my breakfast?" than it is to "oh my gawd, where the heck am i?" her mom popped by yesterday to say hello and i think that is why jeanette is a bit happier, cuz she can see her and know that she knows where she is. she is going to try to pop by again today to say hello too. this is NOT good for the dogs because they think they are going home, but apparently it is good for cows cuz then they think they are still at home if mom happens to be here too. sigh, all animals are different, that is why it is so hard for me to figure them all out.

it was dark when i got up today, that sucked...another winter is coming warning sign.

soooo...once ben is out of the entrance way at night and happily sleeping on evelyn's couch (or bed?) i am going to let betty boots back in there at night. she is not happy about living in the dog rooms during the day, but at least i can get her a bit closer to me at night. i wish you could just tell them, "be nice and you can be where ever you want" and make it her choice but sadly that is not the way it is with of the fundemental differences between the species. altho, (i am chuckling here now) i have in the past given humans the very same choice and they didn't get it either so maybe we aren't that very different after all.

my ankle is sore already and the day hasn't started yet but it is because i insist on wearing my sandels out on the farm and i twisted it on a rock last night. i better teach myself to wear shoes again (i haven't worn shoes since january 13th, and i have been quite happy these past couple of months too)...ratz, they will feel so freaking confining now. i don't think feet, hearts, or minds are meant to be confined.

well...i better go kick sweet pea and tom off my bed and go and feed the barn would be nice if i got to work on time again today..i did it yesterday, so i think i can do it again.