Rescue Journal

it is a sad day indeed

Carol  ·  Sep. 5, 2007

when the little hobbit man is permanently bandished from my bed but....i can deal with the peeing and the pooping if i get soft and let him sleep in, but not the middle of the night stuff cuz he just can't hold it any more. another three am bed change and a quicky sweet pea hose off cuz tom had diarrhea and sweet pea rolled over into it. he is now sleeping on that giant pillow next to my bed. i can reach down and touch him but he and his bodily fluids can't get me or sweet pea. it is a very nice pillow bed so he doesn't seem to mind too much.

all the ducklings survived another night. with watching them closely for an hour or so late last night, i think 2 maybe 3, won't make it. i am hoping that the ones who are still teetering around up on their tippy toes, figure out that those big flat feet if used correctly are more stable.

i had a peek at jeanette already this morning, she is quietly laying with percy and watching me right back. last evening was so horrid, i never want to see her helpless and distressed again.

i am stupid, i forgot to give clyde his phenobarb at bedtime last night, grhhh.

patches the bunny gets dropped of at the vets on my way to work, today is his neuter day....hopefully in a month or so we can introduce him to muffin and thumper and open that gate between the pens so they can all have more room. i want them to be good friends, i hope they cooperate.