Rescue Journal

holy smoke batman!

Carol  ·  Sep. 13, 2007

one of my sisters started to read the blog...she googled me and found it. ( i knew that whole googling of people's names was not a good idea, who the hell thought up that one anyway?!) i am sure she only read the most damaging and concerning posts, she probably missed all the very many good ones that tend to sound not quite so insane.

she loves me, i have a good family...i am just glad that they all live far away or i might be in big trouble. good thing my parents are gone, geez my dad would have a few words to say and my mom, she just loved it when she felt you might need her help in getting thru life.

and just my luck that my big sister read the post about the puke and the pee and the poop the other night, that was not a good one to read! what about the one with my great quote about a big world with everyone standing in a different place...that was profound, it would have been a better thing to read.

i am kind of chuckling tho, cuz my poor kids stay right away from the blog. they love me and see me enough to know that i am fine and they stay away from the blog so i don't change their minds.

to my entire family, children and siblings to stay off the blog, ignorance is bliss and trust me, you really don't want to read it and i don't want to worry that you are. it is complicated, some day i will try to explain it to all of you...once i actually figure it out.

(and that is another real good reason not to ever write a book, my entire family would read it, we are very supportive of each other so i know they would.)



i don't know...isn't that what families are worry about you sometimes and to let you know they care enough to worry? and aren't i supposed to want them not to worry because i care about them too so wouldn't i want them to be at peace? but the problem with the blog is i share alot of moments and moments change here minute by minute...happy, funny, sad, gross, frustrating, scary, exhilerating and exhausting. best not to read the blog. why worry if you can avoid it.


Oh yeah family! There's a reason I live thousands of miles away from mine and that's the one's I know about!!