Rescue Journal

ok, i no longer feel like i am going to keel over

Carol  ·  Sep. 14, 2007

but it was close. i was sooooo hungry tonight. i got home from work, and quickly did a half assed cleaning job on the barn, fed the barn guys, gave a tour of saints to a visiting animal welfare director, ( a very nice and interesting man), unloaded the goodies that he brought along and headed straight for the grocery store. i must be lacking in calcium cuz everything i bought had to be cheese. swiss cheese for sandwiches, shredded cheese for scrambled eggs and frozen mac and cheese for i bought some milk and bread...i am good for a week now. but sadly i forgot the beer. i am not a big drinker, altho i think i should try harder...but since i only get the occasional urge when a cold beer sounds good i forget it when i finally get into town....i do have dinner tonight, and i love swiss cheese sandwiches so i am pretty darn happy right now.

well, i better go clean those crazy ducks, i will be so glad when they move to their new home. you have no idea how much work those little adorable things can make. it is astounding.

i ran out of pig food and a few other things tonight and the main feed order is not delivered til tuesday so i think i will wait until morning to hit the feed store before the barn guys breakfast and maybe i will remember to buy the beer then too. do beer stores open at 8 am?



i bought the horse feed yesterday...i just forgot that we were going to need bran, alfalfa and pig food by today.


depends on enough of what for whom? no....human food maybe...barn feed not yet but i am leaving now to get some more so there will be by 9 am cuz god forbid those barn guys miss a meal.


At this point I may need beer for breakfast... see you at 9. If you happen to read this before you go out... is here enough for me to do breakfast ?