Rescue Journal

i am home and it feels good.

Carol  ·  Sep. 15, 2007

the fundraiser went well. it sure was a group of very nice people. i had to leave early to do the insulins and clyde's phenobarb so i don;t know what the end result will be but every bit helps and the vet bills definately need help, so it is a win/win situation!~

we ran out of water yesterday for the first time this year, that is 6 weeks later than last year and one of the tanks was full so we just swtiched it over and carried on. the new cement floor has been poured and is currently setting up in anticipation of closing in the new small barn. good thing cuz it really feels like fall tonight and i want jeanette and percy warm and dry with the cooler weather.

i noticed just as i was leaving today that spritely's leg is starting to swell again. zoe held her while i hosed it down, i hope it doesn't flare too badly this time around. wayne came out today and put together the two new giant karunda beds he donated to us, that was so great. we had a really nice couple visit from north van and ellie i think was a big hit! it was a bit of a rush to get out of here on time but i did it and i feel good about being on time for a change.

the ducks go to their new home tomorrow and so does beaver. beaver has lived with me since he was a babe, no one appropriate has ever wanted to adopt him til now...geez five years and finally he gets his own great home. i am going to miss him but i know he is going to be very happy. i am not going to miss the ducks, i think they are very sweet and very funny and i am glad that 10 out of the 11 survived. but those little water crazed and constantly pooping things are an absolute ton of work right now. i suspect it gets easier once they aren't stuck in a cage in someone's sitting room. anyway, we did a good job saving them and they have gotten a very great home, so i am happy all around, especially cuz they are leaving!

everyone was a bit nutty by the time i got home tonight, i am right back at trying to catch up on the laundry, the dogs think that is boring (anything that doesn't involve food, walks, ponds, fields or visitors is boring) so they all settled quite fast. i will have to remember this and every time they get wound up i will just switch the wash around and fold for awhile.

it was a good day and now i am going to bed!