Rescue Journal

the phones are down...geez that is so sad

Carol  ·  Sep. 17, 2007

wilbur is not good, he is struggling to breathe this morning. i am just waiting for the clinic to open to see when we can come in.

i let tiger lily and molly join us in the bedroom last night. not a good idea and we will just leave the rest of my thoughts on this to your imagination.

clyde has decided that since i have wrecked his middle of the night giant steel bucket soccor game, emptying the lower cupboards and rolling around soup and pasta sauce cans can be just as entertaining. all the kitchen dogs greatly appreciated his pulling out petunia's stash of graham wafers and assorted crackers and providing them with a much needed midnight snack....if he was a kid, i think he would enjoy finger painting, he seems to like messy activities.

sigh, just another early morning not quite in paradise.

oh and apparently, according to my daughter last evening....the land line phone is not working....not that i care. but if anyone needs me, call the cell or send an email til i figure out what is wrong with the phones.