Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 18, 2007

not a stroke...she has developed some kind of bounding cardiac arrythmia (i am not a cardiac nurse so my knowledge is somewhat limited)...anyway, that is why she is somewhat distressed and panting, i listened to her chest late last night with my stethescope. i don't dare goof around with cardiac meds without vet direction so i just gave her some pain meds to hold her til the vets can see her today. so far, ....maybe we can get in at 11:15 if colleen is finished in surgery, if not 2 pm is the next appointment. i will phone eastridge in 5 minutes when they open and see if they have something earlier but they are usually up booked too. sigh, i am trying not to panic because normally i wouldn't about this but i find myself somewhat hyper-sensitive lately about anyone being unwell and if she has a heart attack, it is going to put me right over the edge.