Rescue Journal

i just had a major temper tantrum

Carol  ·  Sep. 18, 2007

i am stressed. i am worried about betty and i am worried about the vet bills cuz i checked on the account balances today...they are high enough to freak out anyone.

i go out to the barn with two lovely big and thick wool blankets for ellie and tunie cuz it is starting to get cold. shit, the feed delivery never came, double shit, that was because i forgot to go into maple ridge and pay for it today. triple shit, there is barely enough senior pellets for another creative mix mash for dinner. grhhhh. anyway, i do up the feeds the best i can (which while enough for everyone, is hardly generous) and i spread out tunie's new blanket for her and all hell broke loose. she had an absolute cow cuz i dared to put that blanket in her room and started shrieking and throwing a fit. which woke up ellie who was snoozing outside and started her screaming and trying to bash thru the barn doors cuz she now knows, me and her dinner are in there. that got the horses and the llama and the sheep and percy flipping out and being really stupid. i swear the only animal out there with a brain is jeanette.

anyway, i finally lost it and started yelling at them all to get the hell away from the gates so i could let them thru in an orderly fashion. when that didn't work i went in there swinging those big rubber feed bowls and not caring who got whacked on the ass...they all moved out of the way pretty darn quick then.

i took tunie's blanket off her bed, got everyone else in and fed, told them they were all freaking doornobs, closed the doors and am glad to see the last of them for the night. i stopped by and saw jeanette, gave her a rub and thanked her for not being stupid.

the house guys were all sleeping when i got in. betty seems content. rare indeed is it that i really lose my temper, i think the house guys heard me and decided they might want to take note and not push me any further. smart dogs.