Rescue Journal

i only cried once today

Carol  ·  Sep. 22, 2007

cameron came out to shoot for the 2008 tisol calender of which we are a part of (keep your eye out for them and could someone get me one when they are available cuz i never cross the pitt river bridge!)

anyway, he got some truly great shots...percy kissing jeanette's ear, tally looking soft (and dirty), ellie mae's beautiful butt and dexter just being an all around happy guy.

ellie tried to eat his tripod stand, percy tried to suck back his camera bag, and wesley drooled all over his lenses.

3 hours of the saints being saints.

he called me a couple of hours later and said it took him a bit longer to get home to north van. he had to pull over along the side of the number 1 hwy because he was crying from his visit here.

dexter really got to him. that made me cry too.



Anyone who is not moved by Dexter has batteries instead of a heart. Dex is such a noble, stoic dog, a beautiful and intelligent dog, such a very good dog. Loving him is so easy. Losing him will be hell.

Emma, I'm very sorry about the loss of Kibble.


I've been crying all day - Kibble died yesterday at 18yrs. I'm gutted. Nudge has been a great comfort and I am very lucky to have had the chance to give two SAINTS a home.