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if i was ever to write a book about saints...

Carol  ·  Sep. 22, 2007

it would be about a magical kingdom ruled by queen petunia and king carl and princess ellie and the little twisted prince clyde.

it would be about walking in the early morning rain and meeting dexter the brave and stoic captain of the guard and cole, the secret service agent. maude would be the village harlot and wesley rockstar, the villager who was touched in the head. copper would be the court jester and andy would be the boy who was raised in the wild. phoebe and lexi would compete for the role of prima donna and ogidie would be the wise and gentle friar. sir gideon would be the white shining knight with sparkles as his beautiful lady-fair. spritely would be the belle of the ball and swinger would be her scarred and still proud suitor. the sheep would be the peasants and the cows would be the gentry and the cats and the rabbits and the chickens would be the fairies that flitter thru the trees. and the dogs would be the loyal armies that patrol and keep the kingdom safe from harm but sometimes become unruly when they are bored. oh geez! how could i forget???..... our volunteers would be the guardian angels who hold all of saints safe inside their hearts.

and i would be the lucky discoverer who found this magical place. and i would walk in the dew wet grass in the morning mist in awe of what i had found.

but....since books are for places that don't exist except in the imagination of those who write...ha ha, i don't have to write a book cuz saints is already real enough for me.


Chris in Calgary

I love it!! I was picturing it and smiling as I read your post. :-)
I think you should do it too!

Angela from NY

you should write it, it sounds great already. it could be the next big thing since harry potter.